tadi aku bukak youtube . aku ade ternampak comment neyh . semard duhh .

"Dear God I pray James "The Rev" Sullivan is in A Little Piece Of Heaven in the Afterlife making the angels Scream.He Seized The Day in Bat Country then Burned It Down, his Unholy Confessions Trashed And Scattered.We gave him the Strength Of The World and he gave a us a Second Heartbeat.He is MIA, but will walk on through Thick And Thin to the Wicked End.May you be in Eternal Rest.Synyster man who will leave Shadows behind and strikes with Vengeance, fearing no Christ for he is a Plague."

smart kan ? hahahahaah . btw , aku dah start suke lagu heavy metal duhh . hahahaha !
screamo pun aku layan gak . hohohohooo .